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Listening through Customer Insights, Adam Froman, CEO Delvinia & AskingCanadians

Date: Wednesday February 4, 2015 7:00PM
 Networking starts at 6:45pm, Presentation starts at 7pm
Location: BA2135
 Free. RSVP REQUIRED. join ToRCHI for $20/year membership. Also open to public.  
Presenter: Adam Forman, CEO Delvinia & AskingCanadians

We live in a consumer-centric society and digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with organizations and brands. While social media, online research communities, and data analytics are providing organizations with the unprecedented ability to listen to and observe the attitudes and behaviours of their customers, these digital technologies present an even greater opportunity for companies to deliver value to their clients.

AskingCanadians is at the forefront of applying digital technologies to engage consumers to participate in market research. In this presentation, Delvinia CEO Adam Froman will provide an overview of AskingCanadians’ capabilities and demonstrate how businesses can incorporate innovative research methodologies into their data collection.

Using examples from AskingCanadians work with a leading Canadian marketer and distributor of spirits and imported wines, Adam will share how companies can pull data from qualitative, quantitative, social media and the mobile environment to gain a better understanding of their customers and how these insights can be utilized to innovate business operations.

Adam Froman is the CEO of Delvinia, a Toronto-based digital strategy and innovation firm he founded in 1998. His entire career has been driven by passion and a vision that interactive technologies would change the way we communicate, work and play. As an entrepreneur, Adam has dedicated himself and his company to helping clients respond to the opportunities and challenges that digital technologies bring to customer relationships. As a means to gain consumer insight, he created AskingCanadians, an online data collection company with access to more than 600,000 Canadians. In 2014, AskingCanadians expanded into the United States with the launch of AskingAmericans.

Adam is a Professional Engineer (Human Factors Engineer from the University of Toronto) and has an MBA specializing in Strategy and Finance from the Schulich School of Business. His association memberships include the Canadian Marketing Association, ESOMAR and the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association where he is a director of the MRIA’s Research Agency Council. He is a frequent speaker at business events and has advised financial institutions, media companies, arts organizations and retail brands on digital strategy and customer experience. He released his first eBook, Delve In, Dig Deep: An Entrepreneurial Journey in January 2014.

Past events

Eric Schaffer, Global CEO of HFI Human Factors International gave a talk on January 16, 2014 on Institutionalization of UX. Highlight slides are here EricSchaffer ToRCHI Slides Jan2014.pdf also see the VIDEO [1:19:48].

Kimberley Peter and Adam Archer of IBM, Dec. 2013. Advancing UX in Your Organization.


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