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Upcoming 1-day workshop

1-day workshop: UX Design with the Mind in Mind by Jeff Johnson

Date: Friday, October 23, 2015
Time: 8:30AM-5:00PM
Location: Centre for Social Innovation - 215 Spadina Ave, 1st Floor
Cost: Early bird (until Sept 20) – $400.00. Regular (after Sept 20) – $600.00.
Presenter: Jeff Johnson, UI Wizards Inc.
Details and registration

Jeff Johnson presents a course based on two of his books: Designing With the Mind in Mind and Conceptual Models: Core to Good Design (co-authored with Austin Henderson).

UI design rules (guidelines, principles) are not simple recipes to be applied mindlessly. Designing With the Mind in Mind explains the cognitive psychology that forms the basis for these rules. This helps designers balance the trade-offs that inevitably arise in situations when design rules appear to contradict each other and helps apply them effectively in specific situations.

The conceptual model of an application is critical for a successful design but is often not an explicit part of the a UX process. Conceptual Models: Core to Good Design explains what conceptual models are, why they are valuable, and how to create them. The class includes a hands-on exercise to design a conceptual model for a simple application.

Past events

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Eric Schaffer, Global CEO of HFI Human Factors International gave a talk on January 16, 2014 on Institutionalization of UX. Highlight slides are here EricSchaffer ToRCHI Slides Jan2014.pdf also see the VIDEO [1:19:48].

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