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Designing Next Generation Desktop Phones: A Case Study in Evidence-Based Design

Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 
 Networking 6:45pm, Presentation 7:00pm
Location: Phase 5 Offices, 99 Spadina Ave, Suite 400, Toronto, M5V 3P8
Cost: Free. All welcome. Please RSVP. Please joinToRCHI for $20/year membership. 
Presenters:  Arnie Guha and Colin Anderson


Arnie Guha, Ph.D., is Partner-in-Charge at Phase 5 UX, where he helps his clients – financial institutions,  technology companies, life sciences firms, media companies, publishers and information providers, government organizations – understand and estimate their markets, and to develop winning UX solutions and strategies that would best respond to market needs and business objectives.  A former Cambridge Nehru Centenary Scholar, Arnie holds a BA and MA from Cambridge University, and a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia. His doctoral dissertation explored user-disorientation in navigating networked information spaces. In 1999, Arnie served a term at the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), Washington D.C., where he collaborated with senior staff counsel and principal author James X. Dempsey to produce Bridging the Digital Divide: Internet Access in Central and Eastern Europe. Arnie was elected Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society in 1994.


Colin Anderson is a Consultant Strategist at Phase 5 UX. His work in user experience design and research has included projects for major Canadian financial institutions, telecom hardware companies, local and federal government, not-for-profits and data security clients.

Prior to joining Phase 5 UX, Colin was Weston Scientist at the Nature Conservancy of Canada, where he led a series of technology initiatives. Colin holds Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in the natural sciences and has undertaken studies in Information Architecture at the Faculty of Information, at the University of Toronto.

TorCHI Thanks for hosting this event.


TorCHI's World Usability Day 2014

UX Bootcamp - Hands-On Practice of Collaborative, Interactive, & Engaging UX Techniques

Date: Thursday November 13, 2014 
7:00pm to 9:30pm
Location: Bahen Centre, Tutorial room 2185 (second floor)
Cost: Free.  Please RSVP. Please joinToRCHI for $20/year membership. 
Andrea Ong Pietkiewicz and Nathalie Crosbie

Workshop Description:
Come out for an evening of high-energy, hands-on, fun, interactive, UX design techniques. Nathalie and Andrea will share some of the design methods that have worked well for them in the real-world, collaborative, Agile, environments they work in. You will learn about, and collaboratively practice in small groups, a series of six quick engagement techniques including the Speedboat, Goals definition, Six-up (for connecting), Design Sketching and Iterating, handling unexpected design changes, constructive & creative design critique, and Hypothesis validation/testing. Techniques will span Discovery, Concepting, Design Sketching, Evaluation, and Testing activities of product design.

Who should attend?
For those who have just started on their UX journey or considering embarking on one, this workshop will offer you a real-life, hands-on experience of what it’s like to work in a highly collaborative UX / IxD environment.

For more experienced practitioners seeking to evolve their practice to a more collaborative style, or just have fun connecting and practicing with their peers, this will offer a perspective on some approaches that have worked for many teams.

Especially well suited to those working in teams in Agile and Lean environments, you will find the techniques equally applicable even if the environment you work in is not quite Agile yet or you are a freelance practitioner.

You will leave the workshop having engaged in collaborative design activities with your peers and with a few more tools to add to your UX toolkit.

Admission FREE. Space Limited. Registration REQUIRED.

Past events

The Future of Making - 3D Printing (video archive) by Dr. Gordon Kurtenbach


Agile UX Toolkit: A 1-day workshop presented by Desiree Sy and John Schrag


Eric Schaffer, Global CEO of HFI Human Factors International gave a talk on January 16, 2014 on Institutionalization of UX. Highlight slides are here EricSchaffer ToRCHI Slides Jan2014.pdf also see the VIDEO [1:19:48].


Many thanks to Kimberley Peter and Adam Archer of IBM for an insightful workshop in December, 2013. Their presentation is available here: Advancing UX in Your Organization.


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