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Advancing UX in Your Organization

  • 12 Dec 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Bahen Building, 40 St George St, Room 1220 (main floor)

Advancing UX in your organization

Date: December 12 2013
 Presentation start at 7pm
Location: Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street
Room: BA 1220 (main floor)
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Presenter: Kimberly Peter and
 Adam Archer (IBM)


Getting your design through implementation (in a form you might recognize!) can be a big challenge, especially in engineering-driven companies. In this presentation, we’ll cover some concrete approaches for advancing UX and increasing the chance that your good work will see the light of day. It starts by recognizing areas for change in your context, influencing change at different levels of your organization, and shaping how people make decisions and work together toward shared outcomes.

Join two practitioners from IBM undefined one from UX design and one from engineering undefined who have found ways to advance UX and have more fun on the job. This session is a mix of presentation and discussion on the following topic areas:
  • Influencing the engineering team’s plans
  • Taking a lean cross-functional approach to design
  • Bringing UX activities into the larger team cadence
  • Collaborating in both co-located and remote team contexts
This session will present opportunities to share your own challenges and solutions, and to learn from other audience participants.


Kimberley Peter
Kimberley Peter is a user experience design lead at IBM. Her overall focus is on designing for integration, fostering open collaboration within and across development teams in a widely distributed development environment, and spreading the fun of doing collaborative design. Kimberley currently leads the design of the Jazz Platform, a technology and collaboration services platform that supports software lifecycle integration across heterogeneous tool environments. She also guides the development of design practices within the Design Factory, a multidisciplinary team focused on leading user experience outcomes for Rational Software solutions. As part of her passion for promoting continuous learning, outside of work Kimberley also shares the responsibility of leading the Toronto UX Book Club.

Adam Archer
Adam is a technical team lead at IBM working on the JazzHub project, a cloud-hosted software development platform. He spent the early portion of his career as a web application developer on the Jazz product line. Through ongoing work with the design organization, he has developed a passion for achieving improved user experience and design outcomes. He believes that there is generally too great a divide between development and design and strives to tighten these gaps by practicing a more collaborative design process.

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