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The Usability of Usability, Andrew Chak, TD Bank

  • 26 Feb 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Bahen Building, 40 St George St, Room 1210

The Usability of Usability

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 
 Networking 6:45pm, Presentation 7:00pm
Location: Bahen Building 40 St George St, Room 1210
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Presenter: ANDREW CHAK
Associate Vice President of Digital Customer Experience at TD Bank Group 


Sometimes, they just don’t get it.

We’re just trying to do the right thing here. Isn’t our success dependent on our users being able to shop, buy, apply or contact us through our web site or app? So if we’re dependent on our users, shouldn’t we at least involve them somehow in the design process?

Not so easy.

For some of “those” people, design is easy. Don’t we already know what the problem is and what design we can use to fix it? Can’t we just leverage best practices? Why do we even need to test the design if we’re experts? No one ever says these things, right?

In the real world, user-centered design and usability is ironically, not that easy to adapt. It’s counterintuitive because it’s such hard work to make things easy. What we have to do is to make what we do easy to understand and easy to choose. This session may not change your reality, but by sharing in some lessons learned, hopefully you’ll have the tools to help change some minds.


Andrew Chak has been in the digital space for over 19 years and has designed online and mobile experiences within financial services, pharmaceuticals, automotive and telecom. He is currently Associate Vice President of Digital Customer Experience at TD Bank Group and the author of “Submit Now: Designing Persuasive Web Sites.” He spends his days defining digital strategies, championing user research, iterating through designs and looks forward to the evenings where he gets to explain to his family what he does during the day.


Talk Slides

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About 60 UX people attended this talk.

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