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The Future of Making - 3D Printing

  • 11 Sep 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Viz Studio, on the 2nd floor of the Autodesk Toronto office @ 210 King Street East, Suite 202, Toronto, M5A 1J7


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The Future of Making - 3D Printing

Date: Thursday, Sept 11, 2014
Time: Networking 6:45pm, Presentation 7:00pm
Presenter: Dr. Gordon Kurtenbach, Head of Autodesk Research
To Attend: RSVP required to estimate audience size.
Location:Viz Studio, on the 2nd floor of the Autodesk Toronto office @ 210 King Street East, Suite 202, Toronto, M5A 1J7

***Please BRING a COPY of this page (or the TorCHI event posing) to show to Autodesk security and TELL security that you are attending the Autodesk TorCHI event on 2nd floor. ***
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Three technology trends will dramatically change the way we design and make things in the future. First, 3D printing is allowing more people to make things and allowing them to make things that were previously impossible to make. Second, the range of things that can be digitally fabricated is increasing. While today 3D printers routinely print plastic and metal parts, we are, for example, already seeing 3D printers that “print” a much broader range of materials from multiple materials to printing living biology. Third, today we use computers to document a design and analyze if it “will work”. In the future, using the massive scale of cloud computing, we will be able to compute not just a sufficient design but the optimal designs by having the computer create and evaluate millions of potential designs. The combination of these trends will significantly change the nature of “making”.
In this presentation I will talk about some of the potential--and some of the hype--around 3D printing and how computer design tools will change to take full advantage of these technology trends. Effectively, the future has never been brighter for those who want to imagine, design and create.

This talk was given as a Keynote at the Chinese CHI 2014 Conference in Toronto, in April 2014.

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Dr. Gordon Kurtenbach is the Head of Research at Autodesk where he oversees a large range of research including human-computer interaction, graphics and simulation, environment and ergonomics, high performance computing, and CAD for nano-technology. Dr. Kurtenbach has published numerous research papers and holds over forty patents in the field of human-computer interaction. His work on gesture based interfaces, specifically “marking menus” has been highly influential in HCI research and practice. In 2005, he received that UIST Lasting Impact Award for his early work on issues combining gestures and manipulation. Prior to Autodesk, Gordon was the head of the interactive graphics research group at Alias which researched advanced technologies for products such as Maya, AliasStudio, SketchBook and PortfolioWall. Prior to Alias, Gordon was a researcher at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center working on pen based user interfaces for wall-sized display systems. Before Xerox, Gordon was a member of Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group researching gesture-based input techniques for graphical user interfaces.  

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